Feldenkrais work is the most sophisticated and effective method I have seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function.
- Margaret Mead

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What My Clients are Saying:

"You're a genius!"
Kate McGovern, Intuitive Counselor, Sedona, Arizona

After her Feldenkrais session, feeling total permission to move freely, Rebecca Zieler, Program Coordinator for Lifelong Learning said with a smile, "You mean I can move like this and not get a ticket?!"

As I was releasing unintentional movement restrictions in her ribs, she took a spontaneous full breath and said, "Wow! It felt like you just opened up a whole area, and my lungs jumped right into it!"
Sharron, a Boulder client

"This new movement that I've found allows me to have what I want rather than what I think I must have... Like a pill for instant joy and intelligence... I feel re-wired."
Ryalaigh, a Sedona, Arizona client

Robin Mathews, NIA instructor said as she was experiencing walking after her session, "I feel like just movement in general is more fun now."

Donia Henderson, Massage Therapist, "What's so cool is how you bring science and intuition together."

An elderly client after her 4th session,
" I wish I would have met you 40 years ago." After several sessions, "My family and friends are amazed at how much better I get around than I did before working with you….I feel great!"

A longtime client who has said that she remembers as a child wanting to move more freely and has been searching ever since for the right help and feels that she has finally found it here at Graceful Movement:

I realized that I was walking on a very thin, narrow, fine line - symbolically and literally; physically and psychologically…in every aspect. And when I decided to step off the balance beam, I feel that I step into who I've really been meant to be - I feel more and more free to be me.

Ms O. of Boulder, Colorado
For the first time since, I can not even remember when, I find it easier to walk forward than backward. I used to always walk backward around the house and had to resort to walking backward to ascend the hill in front of my house but I am totally astonished that I can now do it easier walking forward. Imagine what will happen metaphorically in her life!