Feldenkrais work is the most sophisticated and effective method I have seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function.
- Margaret Mead

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  • Rediscover your innate capacity for fluid, enjoyable movement
  • As a result of improved movement patterns, proper bone alignment offers true weight bearing which has been effective in preventing and reversing bone loss
  • Evaluate and treat orthopedic and neurological dysfunctions
  • Relieve "age-related" movement limitations
  • Enhance joint health through improved mobility and alignment
  • Offer painfree, nonforceful physical therapy for rehabilitation from surgery or injury
  • Relieve pain and prevent injury
  • Alleviate habitual movement patterns that may be causing you limitations and/or pain

"This new movement that I've found allows me to have what I want rather than what I think I must have... Like a pill for instant joy and intelligence... I feel re-wired."
Ryalaigh, a Sedona Arizona client

Bonnie offers services in two locations: Boulder, CO and Sedona, AZ. Click on contact information for both locations.

Bonnie's APPROACH...

    An integrative hands-on approach for powerful results
    After more than seventeen years of exploring human movement through the fields of Physical Therapy and the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education, Bonnie has witnessed that the most effective and long-lasting results come from working with the whole body systematically, not by just treating symptoms.



She uses a no pain, all gain approach to facilitate your progression from pain to discomfort to ease to Graceful Movement, anywhere along the way.

Her quest is to restore your natural balance and to uncover the inherent length and strength in the body through respect and a listening, educated touch replacing the common desire to stretch, strengthen or use force to conquer limitations. The results are powerfully effective.

The way we move tells a story of our lives - we learn the movement habits of our parents; our teachers influence the way we posture ourselves; our injuries, though healed, leave behind memories in the protective holding patterns that we adopted; and, the story goes on. Bonnie has had great success using the Feldenkrais Method of sensory motor learning to re-organize movement in the body allowing these habitual and limiting ways of moving to evolve through the actual re-wiring of neural pathways. The result is an ease of movement that actually nourishes and protects the joints rather than causing such wear and tear on the system that pain, discomfort and limitations are inevitable. Don't settle for less - The Feldenkrais Method will make the impossible possible, the possible easy and, the easy elegant.

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